American artist SUPERWAXX began cultivating her passion for art as a child. Her artistic training began at an early age through her study of her favorite saturday morning cartoons, comic books, graffiti magazines, anime films and pop culture icons. These initial influences are heavily embedded in the aesthetic of her visual work today. Using fine line painting techniques and imaginative character designs, Superwaxx is best known for her signature style that is eye catching, animated, and expressive. During her creative process she often explores visual narratives relating to topics with global historical, social, and cultural subjects. Since the sprouting of her career she has exhibited in various cities including New York City, Washington D.C, Miami and Tokyo. She has collaborated with a variety of renown artists, brands, press publications, galleries and museums including the Smithsonian Institution and Hirsshorn Museum. Superwaxx is a native of Richmond, VA and is currently stationed in Los Angeles, CA.