SUPERWAXX is an American artist whose work combines a pop art sensibility with the aesthetic and influence of animated film and television, comic books, and street art. Cultivating her passion for art at an early age, she studied her favorite Saturday morning cartoons, alongside comics and graffiti magazines, anime films, and pop culture icons. Using fine line painting techniques and imaginative character designs, SUPERWAXX is best known for her signature eye-catching expressive style. She works across media, creating paintings and murals, producing live-painting, as well as unique product collaborations that cull from a bank of childhood and contemporary influences. During her creative process she often explores narratives relating to topics with global historical, social, and cultural subjects, which yields thought-provoking graphic work. She has exhibited internationally, with shows in Boston, New York, Miami, Cuba, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Washington, DC. Recent collaborations include a cross-city installation of the ! AM SUPER campaign with the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in DC, and executing a large work for the United States of Women Summit in LA. 


SUPERWAXX is a native of Richmond, VA and is currently living and working in Los Angeles, CA.